There are a ton of great kink events out there, and you’re probably curious about what to expect at a play party, fetish night, or kink/rope social. Keep reading for a general outline of what to expect! We strongly recommend that you start your journey into the kink world by attending a munch, so check out this writing on munches to find out what to expect at one of those!

Fetish Nights

Fetish nights are simply fetish themed nights at a nightclub/bar, where attendees are encouraged to wear fetish attire (corsets, leather, latex, lingerie, etc). People attend a fetish night to dance, socialize, or get their drink on. Since alcohol is sold, attendance is usually restricted to ages 19+. Some fetish nights have performances, and some also have play furniture that can be used if you’d like. The typical fetish night will have anywhere between 60-800 people in attendance.

Play Parties

There are two types of play parties, ‘public’ and ‘private’. Private play parties often take place in a person’s home (usually by invite only), and we suggest that you only attend them if you know and trust the host of the party. ‘Public’ play parties are usually larger events, held in a hall or other large space. The typical play party has a social area, as well as a play area. You are not expected to play at a play party, but you can if you’d like to! Some play parties allow sexual contact, while others do not! All play parties have their own set of rules that all attendees are expected to adhere to. Always inquire about the party rules before attending! Attendance at a play party usually ranges from about 80-150 people, and tickets are usually sold prior to the event. In many cases they are not available for purchase at the door, as they maintain a guest list, and only admit people that are on the list. Click here for a post about play party etiquette.

Kink Socials/Mixers

Kink Socials are often a bit like a cross between a Fetish Night and a munch. They are usually held in a bar, and alcohol is usually sold. The idea is to mingle and chat, but depending on the venue, dancing is often encouraged as well. There is usually no play at this type of event.

Rope Nights/Socials

Rope socials are dedicated to those interested in learning about rope bondage. Many such rope events combine socialization with some instruction, though it may be in a co-op/skillshare style. Generally, they are good for both people new to rope, and the more advanced as well!


If you’re interested in learning about the various techniques you can employ in your play and relationships, Ontario is a great place to be! Organizers often plan educational events that will help you learn the tricks of the trade! Some workshops cost money to attend, others request a donation, and still others are totally free! Some workshops are hands on, and others simply give a demonstration and explanation of what is happening.