• We are specifically looking for articles of between 500-2500 words. Longer articles might be broken up into a series
  • Publish content at regular intervals whenever possible (weekly, bi weekly, monthly)
  • Write your opening line, but don’t set it in stone. It’s often best to go back and rewrite your opening statement after you finish writing the article
  • Your opening line should be a hook that piques curiosity while alluding to the content of the article
  • Use your title in the main body if at all possible – helps increase SEO for the article
  • Keep your article as concise as possible
  • End with a question, in an attempt to engage your audience. ‘What do YOU think about _________?’ is an example of a way to make readers personalize what they just read, and also seek feedback. Interaction is a great thing!
  • Another good ending is to simply end with the word ‘Share’. Incredibly, people are far more likely to do so.
  • Try to include at least one picture (Wiki Commons Repository is a great place to find copyright free photos) (and include keywords on the image when uploading)
  • Promote your post once it goes live. Use social media to let people know about your articles! FB, FL, Twitter, etc. Status updates with links to the post, etc
  • Provide a link to your most recent previous post
  • Don’t be afraid of controversy, or playing devil’s advocate. Causing people to question their reasons for holding a belief is a good thing!


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