Fetish Friday – Clitoral/Labia Pumping

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Clitoral/Labia PumpingFetish Friday

  Clitoral/Labia pumping is the practice of enlarging the clitoris, labia, or both, by using suction.   The goal of genital pumping is to enlarge the genital area (it appears more ‘plump’) and increase the sensitivity of the clitoris and labia. In some cases pumping is used as a way to fetishize the female genetalia, making it the focus of a session, and possibly the recipient of ‘worship’.

Pussy Pumping Technique

A specially designed plastic (usually clear acrylic) cup is used in combination with a hand pump, creating a vacuum within the interior of the pump. The negative pressure within the cup causes the encircled tissue to become engorged with blood and the area temporarily enlarges. When engaging in pumping, most pumpers gradually build up to a desired level, leaving the vacuum in place for 20-30 minutes at a time, taking a break, and repeating with a bit more suction. Although the tissue enlarges temporarily, it usually recedes to its original state within a few minutes, to a few hours. Pussy Pumping Some pumping enthusiasts find that the effects of pumping (in terms of stretching/enlargement) can become permanent with enough repetition of the process, which can be part of the fun – modifying your body the way you or your partner desires!