Book review: Yes Means Yes!

Yes Means Yes!: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape, by Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti (2008). Jaclyn Friedman is an American feminist writer and activist, a campus speaker on issues of healthy sexuality and anti-rape activism, and the founder and executive director of Women, Action & The Media (WAM!). Jessica Valenti […]
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Bill Cosby's Attempt to Block Court Proceedings Fails

Bill CosbyEmbattled comedian Bill Cosby’s attempt to have a pending civil suit against him tossed out of court was denied. On Thursday, a California Court of Appeal rejected Cosby’s petition to reject a law suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by Attorney Gloria Allred in December on behalf of Judy Huth. The civil suit is […]
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Tampon Tax: #NoTaxOnTampons is Official!

tampon taxOn July 1st, the day that Canadians bleed red and white in celebration of their country’s ‘birthday’, there will be a new reason to celebrate. A new amendment to the Excise Tax Act means that there will no longer be tax charged on feminine menstrual products, as the Department of Finance has ruled that the […]
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PSA: Date Rape Drugs

It’s cropping up again in our kinky community. A nasty little beast. Persons acting without conscience, without caring. It’s a terrible tool used by those who can’t get what they want consensually. Those without scruples. Those who use our community to find ‘easy’ prey. I’m talking about the substances known as ‘date rape drugs’. The ol’ Rev […]
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Tips for how to Maintain Connection for Play and Sex

We all strive for it – that intense and indescribable connection that is sometimes found in play and sex. Those moments of connection, where you and your partner are the only people in the whole world and nothing exists but sensations and feelings and closeness. Those are beautiful moments. I would live steeped in them […]
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