Individual Activism: Brae Carnes and Transgender Rights

UPDATE: You can read our exclusive interview with Brae Carnes HERE.

Bill C-279 has effectively been killed by Don Plett and his amendment to make people use their biologically assigned washrooms.  And so, transgender rights are once again at risk in Canada.  You can read more about it HERE.

plettputmehereBut something incredible has happened.  In a reaction to this amendment, Brae Carnes, a transgender woman from BC, has started a social media blitz that has raised awareness of this issue immeasurably.  Carnes is going into men’s washrooms and taking selfies.  She then posts them with hashtags like #WeJustNeedtoPee and #PlettPutMeHere.  These selfies have taken the world by storm and are effectively educating the pubic about the risks that this has exposed the trans community to.

Forcing trans people to use washrooms, change rooms and facilities that correspond with their biological gender rather than their gender identity puts trans people at risk of harassment, assault and sexual assault, and extensive mental distress.  At its base, this amendment was reckless to the wellbeing of all trans people.

Personal activism like this incredible to watch unfold.  Individual acts that are done in protest are admirable and incredible.  In this case, I am so glad that the world is listening and looking and being inspired.  Follow the links below to be involved and help further Brae Carnes’ message.

brae carnes


Brae Carnes’ YouTube channel





You can also help support the cause by sending a message to your Member of Parliament urging them to fight for the rights of transgender people. A full list of MP contact information can be found here.

UPDATE: You can read our exclusive interview with Brae Carnes HERE.